Studio Legale Cesare Fumagalli

Headquartered in Genoa’s city centre, our firm proudly upholds its original approach: the agreement that binds lawyer and client is intuitu personae, i.e., based on the trust established and consolidated between the two parties; as a result, our clients never feel like their issues are treated impersonally, which can sometimes be the case in large law firms.

Each client can constantly rely on one or more of our firm’s dedicated lawyers

to be personally involved in the individual case and familiar with all the relevant proceedings and documents. This is possible also thanks to a proven and organised system backed by efficient technology which ensures there are no delays in responding to the client’s needs, especially in urgent situations.

The financial aspect of litigation is always an important factor for clients to consider. Our firm is dedicated to accommodating each client’s needs by offering a range of payment options, including tariffs, hourly rates, and contingent fees, where applicable and suitable.

Prior to initiating any work, a comprehensive estimate of fees and disbursements is prepared and presented for approval, so that clients can effectively plan their expenditure.

Our Solicitors

Qualified to plead before the Superior Courts, our lawyers offer legal representation for companies, public and private organisations, as well as private individuals, before any Italian judicial office, also thanks to trusted correspondents from the most prestigious firms located outside the District Court of Appeal of Genoa, in Milan, Venice, Livorno, Rome, Naples, Bari, Palermo and Cagliari.
Proficient in English, and French, thanks to the frequent involvement in cases concerning foreign legal systems, our solicitors can properly liaise with clients located abroad or implicated in foreign matters.